Veterans Homebuyers Network
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Veterans Homebuyers Network and Veterans Realty Network is answering the demand of NYC area Veterans looking to Purchase homes using their VA Home Loan Benefits

The New York metro area finally has a full service real estate brokerage company catering to Veterans. Family owned and operated, founded by two brothers, Joe and Lenny Nedlin, both retired Army commissioned officers, The Veterans Homebuyers Network and the Veterans Realty Network are drawing on 20 years of experience of working with Veterans and the VA Home Loan Program.

Veteran Homebuyers Network

The Veteran Homebuyers Network is solely dedicated to educating, informing and preparing veterans in order to become homeowners. David Nedlin infuses the company with over twenty years of knowledge in the Veteran home loan program, mortgage and credit repair business. Thousands have attended his seminars within New York City as he deftly demonstrates and explains how the home buying process and prepares potential veteran, and non veteran homeowners, how to best prepare themselves to be successful homeowners.

Veterans Realty Network and “Sell to a Veteran Program”

The Veterans Realty Network (VRN) is the brokerage company, which assists Veterans and non-veterans alike in purchasing and selling their homes. Our brokerage company is different in that we are able to obtain exclusive sale listings of Veteran approved homes. Our specially trained agents in veteran real estate policies and procedures are then able to match sellers with Veterans who have already been approved for a VA Mortgage with a local NYC area veteran approved mortgage banker.  All of our clients with the Veterans Realty Network are ready to buy NOW.

The “Sell to a Veteran” program is designed to educate sellers of Real Estate all about the VA Home Loan Program and the ease of closing a loan using the VA mortgage. This allows eligible Veterans to use their VA Home Loan benefits to buy any 1-4 Family house or VA Approved Condo up to $625,000 with No Money Down.  The problem is that many sellers, brokers and attorneys are uninformed in this area and therefore shy away from accepting an offer to purchase from a Veteran using the VA Home Loan Program where the Veteran does not have to put any money down. However, these are the easiest, quickest and safest real estate closings today!


For more information please visit or call 917-960-4260

We will leave NO Veteran behind


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