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I have come across a great number of Veterans that would love to buy a two-family home so they can live in one unit and rent the other for income to help with their mortgage payment. However, in most but not all cases, the two-family home will cost you more than the traditional one family home. Therefore, most Veterans to qualify for a VA Mortgage, large enough to buy a two-family home, must rely on the potential income that the rental income will generate.

However, here is the problem! Several years ago, the VA Home Loan guidelines were changed as a result a potential homeowner can only use the projected rental income of the rentable units of a two-family home to help qualify for a VA Home Loan if they have 6 months of anticipated mortgage payments in reserves – meaning those monies need to be in a checking, savings or TSP account under your name or a retirement account under your name on the day of the closing.

Additionally, you must either have past landlord experience or hire a property manage experienced in collecting rents & dealing with tenant issues.

A two-family house is an excellent way to become a homeowner while at the same time lowering your mortgage payments – and in the big picture – one day you can move out of that house – rent both units – and have that as an investment property & then reuse your VA Home Loan benefits to buy a single-family home for yourself.

The Veterans Homebuyers Network as always, is here to help you realize the American Dream of Home Ownership.

Make 2021 the year of home ownership – for more information – please call 917-960-4260.

We will leave NO soldier behind.

David Nedlin is a VA Home Loan Specialist and President of Veterans Homebuyers Network, serving the Veterans for 26 Years.


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