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The VHN Difference 

Why VHN?

When veterans come to me after working with a loan officer, the first thing they say to me is, “Well, they seem unsure of themselves when it comes to VA loans. I didn’t feel like I was working with someone who understood what they were doing.”

So, why do they work with us? Simple, because we KNOW what we are talking about. We are experts in the VA Home Loan Program. Since 1995, the ONLY people we work with are Veterans and military personnel and we have helped hundreds of Veterans successfully use the VA Home Loan Program to achieve the American Dream of homeownership.

Typical Loan Officer

Does not care about you after closing

Does not understand the needs of your family

Will not help you when you encounter financial hardships

After you’ve completed the excitement, efforts, and dynamics of finding & buying a home…

… after your honeymoon period is over.
After the boxes are emptied and your new home begins to feel like home, it will be time to make the first mortgage payment.

And every month after that you will be reminded of the cost of homeownership.

The loan officer you worked with has moved on and is no longer interested in your monthly mortgage payments or household bills. They will not care about your ability or inability to save for the future or the needs of your family.

They do not need to see your pay stubs and certainly do not care about your credit scores anymore, nor do they care about your ability to pay your mortgage payment since they already received their commission on the deal.

Should you encounter financial difficulties, you can bet your loan officer will not offer up his commission to help you. Too many loan officers are only concerned about one thing—closing your deal—getting their commission and then moving on to the next buyer… all you are is a distant memory.

A satisfying homeownership experience – that is what the VHN wants for you.

Unlike other real estate companies, VHN looks beyond the closing—past the honeymoon period of becoming a homeowner and focuses on ensuring you have a satisfying homeownership experience.

Because we have worked with numerous veterans and active military, we know what to look for—the warning signs—the red flags that indicate to us that although homeownership may be in your future, now may not be the right time for you to buy.

We will be the first ones to tell you that you are not yet ready for homeownership, then we will help you work towards that goal.

Before you become a homeowner, a solid financial foundation is essential, whether it is your savings, credit, credit card debts, expenses, etc.

The foundation of a house must be strong enough to keep the building from collapsing. Similarly, for you to enjoy homeownership and to enjoy a fulfilling experience, you must have a strong foundation.

That is the VHN Difference.

The VHN Difference

We help you build a strong foundation before you become a homeowner.

Give you advice on how to build a strong foundation.

Support you before, during, and after the process.

Care about you and your family.

Understand what you need to flourish.

Why are we the go-to for military veterans?

We will educate you. You come to us because we address the four areas that they need to become a homeowner – education, VA-approved direct lender, the real estate division, and credit restoration. By putting these four services together in one place, we can control the process. With VHN’s experience, there is no one better to help the Veteran move through the home buying process.

That is what you are looking for.

That is a big key differentiator and one that we are very aware of with every client. One is “am I eligible for a mortgage,” which can be answered, “yes,” and the other is “am I ready for homeownership?” Which may be answered with a resounding “no.” There are a lot of times where those two questions conflict.

VHN is the only choice when it comes to homeownership. We are more than a VA-approved lender—we are the starting point. Our goal is to help you learn what you need to know, share what you need to know to become a homeowner and ensure that you are working with VA home loan specialists, not just someone who can pre-approve you.

The choice is clear. Education. Experience. Satisfaction. Results.

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