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As a Veteran you are exposed to them all the time. They throw themselves in front of you claiming to help and justify their worth as being a Not-for-Profit company. I am talking about the “Nonprofit” company.

In having worked with Veterans since 1995, I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a company, or service, attempt to illicit a positive response under the guise of being a nonprofit company. There are many great Veteran’s organizations out there that truly help Veterans but there are probably twice as many that simply prey on Veterans & provide no valuable benefits whatsoever.

A red flag could be those companies or services that were formed shortly after the events of 9/11 as that was a time where those types of companies were formed.

If you have experienced any of these organizations that target Veterans, we would like to know so we may help spread the word to our Veteran Client base. The Veterans Homebuyers Network has established relationships with many great Veterans organizations & services that produce results and make a positive difference in a Veterans life, and we pride ourselves on these associations.

Although the focus of the Veterans Homebuyers Network is to work with Veterans looking to use their VA Home Loan benefits to become a homeowner. Our greater mission is to serve and help Veterans.
The Veterans Homebuyers Network as always, is here to help you realize the American Dream of Home Ownership.

Make 2021 the year of home ownership – for more information – please call 917-960-4260.
We will leave NO soldier behind.

David Nedlin is a VA Home Loan Specialist and President of Veterans Homebuyers Network, serving the Veterans for 26 Years.


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