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As a qualifying Veteran you have a rare and excellent opportunity to use your VA Home Loan Benefits to become a homeowner. However, there are certain credit guidelines that must be met.

When looking at your credit report the first thing that jumps out is the credit score number. We all know that low is bad and high is good but what comprises this number. The content of your credit report results in your score. Late payments, missed payments, no payments among many other factors which most potential homeowners are not aware of. Bottom line- if you change the content of your credit report that will correlate to a change in your credit score.

When a VA approved Mortgage Banker reviews your credit to determine whether they will pre approve you for a VA loan a variety of factors are taken into account. Unfortunately, there are many Veterans whose credit will not meet the VA Home Loan guidelines despite the leniency of the criteria.

At this point most Veterans take action to “Fix” “Repair” their credit. This is when they get into trouble. A large majority of these so-called “Credit Repair” companies out there are not educated of the VA Home Loan Credit guidelines. Therefore, how can they be qualified to work on your credit if they have no idea what results they need to achieve? Additionally, credit repair companies operate in a manner of which they charge you an ongoing monthly fee for their services so logically they want to take as long as possible to get you any form of results. While you on the other hand want to buy a home NOW!!

The Veterans Homebuyers Network has been helping Veterans restore their credit for 26 years and as the VA Home Loan specialists we know exactly how your credit needs to be in order for approval of a VA Home Loan.

If you think or feel you have credit issues please contact us at 917-960-4260 as we are your best option to restore your credit to a level where you will meet the VA Home Loan guidelines.

The Veterans Homebuyers Network – leaving no soldier behind

David Nedlin is a VA Home Loan Specialist and President of Veterans Homebuyers Network, serving the Veterans for 26 Years.
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